Ian Dillon's private project studio, located on the second floor of a vinyl record pressing plant, the Calgary Recording Company. Ian manages many projects at this studio that specializes in analog recording on 2" & 1/4" tape, and "Direct To Disc"recording. Includes, Pro Tools HD 28x32, An assortment of analog & digital outboard gear and an exstensive mic locker.


Ian Dillon is an Audio Technician at the National Music Centre (NMC)


Through his work at the National Music Centre and the neighbouring King Eddy live music venue, Ian has been apart of many recordings sessions with The historic Rolling Stones Mobile Studio (RSM) as an engineer, assistant and FOH. Including The Wheel, Swamp Dog, The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer, Yonatan Gat and more.



Selci - Effervescence (EP) (E)

Campfire Shit Kickers - The New Crusty Minstrels (EP) (MA)

Grim - Self titled (EP) (MA) 

Flowshine - Sex & Cigarettes (Single) (E,P,M,MA)

Mammoth Grove - Slow Burn (Album) (E,P,M,MA)

Dusty Tucker - Go Fuck Yourselfie (Single) (E,M,MA)

Selci - Truth In The Sea (Single) (E,M,MA) 

Ten Dead Crow (EP) (MA)

Campfire Shitkickers (EP) (MA)

Iron Tusk - The Burning (Single) (E,M,MA)

The Legendary Outlaws (Album) (MA)

League Of One - Dispatch (Album) (MA)

The Electric Revival - Magnetic North (Album) (P,M,MA)

Pelican Death Squad (Album) (E,P,M,MA)

Citizen Rage - Green (EP) (E,M,MA)

Calgary Beer Core VOL III (Compilation Album) (MA)

7's Wild - Renegade (Album) (E,P,M,MA)

Cowpuncher - Hooscow 7" (EP) (E)

Puttin' On The Foil - Fired Up, Ready To Roll (Album) (E,P,M,MA)

Bloated Pig - Blood Offering (EP) (E,P,M,MA)

The Electric Revival - Freaks (Album) (E,P,M,MA)

Citizen Rage - Red (EP) (MA)

False Flage - Suffer In Silence (Album) (E,P,M,MA)

Lordosis (Album) (E,P,M,MA)

Bloated Pig - Made For Hell (Album) (E,P,M,MA)

Throne Of Vengeance - Live Evil (Album) (E)

Burning Daisy - Heavy Human Err (EP) (E,,M,MA)

The Electric Revival - Pirate Radio (Album) (E,P,M,MA)

Burning Daisy - Evil Monkey (Album) (E)

Devin Cooper - Basement Blues (EP) (E,P,M,MA)

Closer To Breakdown (EP) (E,P,M,MA)

Victimize (EP) (E,M,MA)

The Electric Revival - 5 songs (EP) (E,P,M,MA)

The Promethean Labyrinth - (Pr)incipia Mathematica (Album) (M,MA)

Black Mountain Outlaws (Album) (E,P,M,MA)

Adverse Reaction - The Greasy Riffs (E.P) (E,P,M,MA)

Faint Awakening - The Black (EP) (E,M,MA)

Matt Blais - Let It Out (Album) (AE)

War Eagle Rising - The New Order (Album) (E,P,M,MA)

Bloated Pig - Ways To An Early Grave (Album) (E,P,M,MA)

The Electric Revival - Presenting (Album) (E,P,M,MA) 

(AE) Assistant Engineer      (E) Engineer      (P) Producer      (M) Mix Engineer      (MA) Mastering Engineer

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