Ian Dillon's private project studio, located on the second floor of a vinyl record pressing plant, the Calgary Recording Company. Ian manages many projects at this studio that specializes in analog recording on 2" & 1/4" tape, and "Direct To Disc"recording. Includes, Pro Tools HD 28x32, An assortment of analog & digital outboard gear and an exstensive mic locker.


Ian Dillon is an Audio Technician at the National Music Centre (NMC)



Elle McAndrews - Hanging By A Thread (EP) (E,M,MA)

No More Moments - Mill Grove High (EP) (E,P,M) 

Greybeard - Oracle (Album) (E)

The Foul English - One More Day/Your Generation 7" (EP) (MA)

Selci - Effervescence (EP) (E)

Campfire Shitkickers - The New Crusty Minstrels (EP) (MA)

Grim - Self titled (EP) (MA) 

Flowshine - Sex & Cigarettes (Single) (E,P,M,MA)

Mammoth Grove - Slow Burn (Album) (E,P,M,MA)

Dusty Tucker - Go Fuck Yourselfie (Single) (E,M,MA)

Selci - Truth In The Sea (Single) (E,M,MA) 

Ten Dead Crow (EP) (MA)

Campfire Shitkickers (EP) (MA)

Iron Tusk - The Burning (Single) (E,M,MA)

The Legendary Outlaws (Album) (MA)

League Of One - Dispatch (Album) (MA)

The Electric Revival - Magnetic North (Album) (P,M,MA)

Pelican Death Squad (Album) (E,P,M,MA)

Citizen Rage - Green (EP) (E,M,MA)

Calgary Beer Core VOL III (Compilation Album) (MA)

7's Wild - Renegade (Album) (E,P,M,MA)

Cowpuncher - Hooscow 7" (EP) (E)

Puttin' On The Foil - Fired Up, Ready To Roll (Album) (E,P,M,MA)

Bloated Pig - Blood Offering (EP) (E,P,M,MA)

The Electric Revival - Freaks (Album) (E,P,M,MA)

Citizen Rage - Red (EP) (MA)

False Flage - Suffer In Silence (Album) (E,P,M,MA)

Lordosis (Album) (E,P,M,MA)

Bloated Pig - Made For Hell (Album) (E,P,M,MA)

Throne Of Vengeance - Live Evil (Album) (E)

Burning Daisy - Heavy Human Err (EP) (E,,M,MA)

The Electric Revival - Pirate Radio (Album) (E,P,M,MA)

Burning Daisy - Evil Monkey (Album) (E)

Devin Cooper - Basement Blues (EP) (E,P,M,MA)

Closer To Breakdown (EP) (E,P,M,MA)

Victimize (EP) (E,M,MA)

The Electric Revival - 5 songs (EP) (E,P,M,MA)

The Promethean Labyrinth - (Pr)incipia Mathematica (Album) (M,MA)

Black Mountain Outlaws (Album) (E,P,M,MA)

Adverse Reaction - The Greasy Riffs (E.P) (E,P,M,MA)

Faint Awakening - The Black (EP) (E,M,MA)

Matt Blais - Let It Out (Album) (AE)

War Eagle Rising - The New Order (Album) (E,P,M,MA)

Bloated Pig - Ways To An Early Grave (Album) (E,P,M,MA)

The Electric Revival - Presenting (Album) (E,P,M,MA) 

(AE) Assistant Engineer      (E) Engineer      (P) Producer      (M) Mix Engineer      (MA) Mastering Engineer

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